Business Outline

Supporting digital networks as a specialized electronics company

In the current increasingly fast-changing business environment, E-Globaledge aims to "create new value" in the 21st century and is expanding its businesses. The products and services the company proviedes has secured a competitive level of service and reliability and built a strong foundation of trust with customaers and markets both domestically and overseas.

  • Global business deployment

    E-Globaledge deploys its businesses at various sites around the world. Building strong partnerships with business partners all over the world, it develops world-wide businesses tailored to geographical characteristics.

  • In-house Capabilities of Technical Development

    E-Globaledge has improved its technological capabilities in some specialized electronics fields. It engages in activities ranging from development of products in wireless communication and imaging fields to leadership in the creation of international standards.

  • Creation of added values as an integrator

    E-Globaledge creates and develops businesses by combining various sales and marketing functions as a trading company, technological development functions as a manufacturer, partnering functions to expand businesses, etc.