Asia, the data continent

Tape storage products

With the dawn of the digital network era, personal information has been digitized, and electronic data that should be recorded, stored and protected, continues to grow exponentially. As part of corporate activities, a massive volume of data is being created that includes business transaction and image data, various sensor data and analytics data. It is said that by 2025, the global volume of data that will be created annually will reach 175ZB. With recent advances in AI and IoT, it is anticipated that new value will be created by analyzing and utilizing such big data.

Tape storage is currently attracting considerable attention as an archive solution for big data. From the perspectives of large volume, low cost, long-term storage and long-term stable supply, security, convenience and reliability, tape storage has come into the spotlight as a long-term storage medium for big data.

In 2030, the global population will reach 8.5 billion, of which Asia will reportedly account for about 57%. Along with population increases, there have been rapid advances in digital network as seen in “Digital India” and the “ASEAN Smart Cities Network action plan” and is expected to see explosive increase in the creation of digital data in Asia.

IBM has been the market leader in tape storage for 70 years, and as their sole authorized distributor for their tape storage media products in Asia-Pacific, we have worked closely with many sales partners and have managed to fulfill client and supplier’s needs in diverse environments overcoming differing languages, religions, social structures and cultures.

Apart from population and data increases, Asian economies will also most likely continue to maintain relatively high growth rates. Witnessing such growth and changes in Asian economies with our own eyes, we will leverage our first-hand experience to contribute to your success.

we believe that our experience in fulfilling the needs of suppliers and clients while working closely with resellers throughout asia whether being an islamic or hindu spheres different social systems cultures is a major corporate asset.


Tape storage products