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The year 2020 represents the 60th anniversary of laser technology. This powerful artificial light that mankind acquired for the first time back in 1960, is now utilized in a broad range of fields including medicine, information and industry.

In particular, the invention of semiconductor laser diodes (LD) has found applications in a variety of electronic devices including CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and photocopiers due to its compactness and advanced energy saving features. Current improvements to output and performance have led to continued expansion of LD to applications in fields such as optical communications, projection, medical and fabricating equipment.

We at EG have provided support for building LD manufacturing lines for many years. That service provides solutions for all types of manufacturing lines.

LD manufacturing lines are built responding to technology advances and changes in various applications and business needs. They also have diverse conditions and performance requirements imposed upon them. We constantly endeavour to meet client orders with a one-stop response and to make proposals tailored to your needs.

Our deep product knowledge fully covers all processes from the wafer mounting, assembly process and inspection processes that occur at various stages, to product shipping, and line configuration services optimized for diverse manufacturing processes. These are only realized through experience and with a track record built up in collaboration with the client, including data collection.

Our service relies on being attuned to clients and unwavering business support. This has led to a wealth of successful cases of service introduction in many countries. Naturally, we should not forget that we are firmly backed by products from Japanese and overseas manufacturers with top market share.

EG will continue to constantly enhance its technologies, value close relationships with all manufacturers, and contribute comprehensive technologies and services to clients in order to provide them with useful information and one-stop solutions.

Manufacturing and testing equipment & parts


Manufacturing and testing equipment & parts