1. Promotion of Environmental Business

We will try our best not to generate various kinds of environmental loads by daily corporate activities, and promote the sale of products and services which are useful to an improvement of the global environmental problems.

2. Promotion of Waste Reduction and Recycling

We will value the earth’s resources, and reduce and recycle any waste generated from our business as much as possible.

3. Promotion of Green Procurement

In procuring the goods and services, we will take into consideration the global environmental issues.

4. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

We will comply with environmental laws and regulations.

5. Enhancement of Environmental Management Systems

In order to enhance our environmental protection activities, we will establish an internal environmental management system and make our endeavors for continual improvement, and make efforts to improve such an environmental management system continuously.

6. Implementation of Education

For promoting pro-environmental corporate activities with a deep understanding to global environmental issues, we will perform educational and enlightening activities periodically.

April 1, 2021
Shigekazu Tada, President & CEO