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Semiconductor Gas Filter NASclean®

Manufacturing and inspection equipment

Semiconductor Gas Filter NASclean®

NASclean® is a thin-layer metal membrane filter made from sintered micron scale stainless steel short fibers (SUS316L). We take the product from a filter media (stainless steel short fibers) all the way to the final product, a gas filter used in the production of products such as semiconductors, flat panel displays, and solar panels.

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Semiconductor Gas Filter NASclean®

For Process Gases

  • The only metal membrane filter in the world to use stainless steel short fibers.
  • Achieves low pressure loss and high particle exclusion.
  • Suited to flow less than 100 SLM, useable for various process gases.

For Bulk Gases

  • Through pleating the filter media’s shape, low pressure loss is achieved even with high flow volume.
  • Since it’s all metal, high temperature baking is possible.
  • Capable of dealing with flow up to 3000 Nm³/h.

For Component Protection

  • Component protection filters for MFC, valves, regulators, and more.
  • Depending on application, it’s possible to choose between a low pressure type and a high pressure type.
  • Can be installed into existing pipes.

For IGS Panels

  • Filters for integrated gas panels, compatible with 1.125W-Seal, 1.125C-Seal, 1.5W-Seal.
  • Miniaturized through use of pleated-type media.
  • Through use of mechanical seals, the media part’s composition requires no welding.

For Diffusers

  • High speed venting is possible through use of pleated-type media.
  • Contributes to product yield rate via preventing the rise of particles.
  • Design based on various chambers space is possible.

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