Manufacturing and inspection equipment

PL mapper

Manufacturing and inspection equipment

PL mapper

Photoluminescence and film thickness mapping and measuring system for LED/LD production (for 2, 3, 4, and 6 inch wafers)

PL mapper

Main unit specifications

Basic modelYWAFER-
Optical range
and sensitivity model list
UVVIS; 280~850nm
VISNIR; 350~1030nm
UVNIR; 200~1100nm
NIR; 900~1600nm (Far-red light supported cooling InGaAs detector)
540NIR; 540~1100nm (High sensitivity to red light))
UVNIR-HISENS; 200~1100nm (High sensitivity to ultraviolet light)
Supported wafer sizes 2, 3, 4, and 6 inch
GS6-RDHLD; 1/4 cut wafer tray (optional)
GS6-2.5HLD; 2.5 inch wafer tray (optional)
GS6-2x3HLD; 2 inch wafer x 3 corresponding trays (optional)
Wafer transfer Manual
Mapping intervals 0.04mm~(0.1mm precision)
Measurement using transmitted light Measurement items Average transmission coefficient
Film thickness (converted into GaN film thickness)
Not available
Precision /
Within 1% (for GaN film between 0.5 and 50μm) / within 10 nm Not available
Measurement using reflected light Measurement items Not available Average reflectance
Film thickness (converted into GaN film thickness)
Surface roughness / dispersion
DBR (distribution Bragg reflector) characteristics
Not available
Precision /
Not available Within 1% (for GaN film between 0.5 and 50μm) / within 10 nm Not available
(PL) measurement
Measurement items Peak wavelength / Relative integrated intensity / Relative peak intensity / Half bandwidth (FWHM) / Dominant wavelength (CIE wavelength)
Wavelength resolution – 0.3 nm (Note: – 0.7 nm for UVNIR-HISENS; – 2.0 nm for NIR)
Light intensity precision 3% (Relative peak intensity / Relative integrated intensity, when the YWafer intensity calibration function is used)
Peak wavelength repeatability < 1 nm (Peak wavelength / Half bandwidth)
Minimum half bandwidth – 1.5 nm
Types of PL pumped lasers
(up to four units)
266 nm, 325 nm (external, with optical fiber), 375 nm, 405 nm, 532 nm; Contact us for other types.
Control Connection interface PC-based USB / Digital I/O
User interface / Language PCs with Microsoft Windows ™ XP / Japanese or English (user’s choice)
Other options GS-SPCFLT : Light attenuation and wavelength filter control
GS-LASFLT : Laser intensity filter control
GS-CUSTHLD : Custom sample tray
GS-TURBOSCAN : High-speed scanning supported (only for PL measurement)


Version YWaferController v3.06
Program language Multithreaded Visual C++
Operation mode Operator, engineer, maintenance
Feature Spectral analysis with high repeatability, eliminating effects of internal interferences


Processing timer per wafer Manual wafer loading/unloading -20 sec (operator dependent)
Measurement of reference values (for correcting values) < 4 sec
Reference: When 2-inch wafers are measured (min: sec)
 NormalHigh speed (optional)
0.5 mm intervals (measurement of 7429 points)7:553:26
1.0 mm intervals (measurement of 1868 points)2:341:02
2.0 mm intervals (measurement of 468 points)0:510:31

Handling specifications (main unit)

Operating/installation environment Place Inside a clean room (class 1,000 – 10,000)
Temperature 15 – 35♀
Humidity < 85%RH (no condensation)
Dimensions (L) 540 x (W) 640 x (H) 300 mm
Weight 40 kg
Input voltage AC 100~240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 120 W or below

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