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X-ray inspection equipment parts

X-ray inspection equipment parts from the top
manufacturers outside Japan.

In cooperation with the top manufacturers outside Japan, we provide detectors, X-ray sources (X-ray generators), and X-ray tubes necessary for X-ray inspection equipment to customers inside Japan.
With a focus on the industrial-use X-ray equipment market, such as industrial-use CT used in the inspection of industrial parts of automobiles, smartphones, and the like, and X-ray inspection equipment for detecting foreign substances in food products, we proactively tackle the design and manufacture of custom systems according to the demands of our customers.

Detection Technology products

Detection Technology products

Detection Technology, headquarter is located in Finland, is X-Ray Block Line Sensor maker having world wide market share. Detection Technology’s products are used for Medical ,Security, inspection for Clothing, Shoes and Food, FA in the world. Many customers in Japan also use Detection Technology’s products which have high quality and cost performance.

VJX-Ray products

The Headquarter is located in NY (USA),VJX-Ray’s products are used for Medical, Security, inspection for Clothing, Shoes and Food, FA in the world. In Japan market many customers use VJX-Ray’s products which have stable X-ray output, No-Oil leak architecture and cost performance. Catalog 4.1MB PDF

80KV,40W X-ray source which “milli-focused” vacuum tube and X-ray tube are used.
Compact and Lightweight designed X-ray source(160KV,40W)
Compact and Lightweight designed Voltage Generators for X-ray(100KV,1KW)

Nantong Plastic products

Offering the lead-rubber products(1mm≦ thickness) as customizing order. Nantong Plastic’s products have been used by Japanese customers for X-ray equipment due to high cost performance

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