【Important Notice】Beware of emails (email spoofing) impersonating E-Globaledge officers and employees

2024/03/04 E-Globaledge Corp.

Since February 10th, 2024, we confirmed the fact that malicious third parties sent several fake emails claiming to be from E-Globaledge Corporation and its officers or employees.

These emails are not caused by information leakage from E-Globaledge, and E-Globaledge Corporation and/or its officers or employees have nothing to do with these emails.

If you receive any suspicious and/or unfamiliar emails impersonating E-Globaledge officer or employee, do not click on links in emails or open files attached to emails, and immediately delete such email messages, since there is the risk that your computer will be infected by a virus or hacked, or you will be led to a phishing site.

We are making continuous efforts for improvement of information security, preventing an illegal access to our network and taking a further security measure against other cyber threats.  Thank you for your kind attention and support.