Creation of added values as an integrator

E-Globaledge is making full use of its "integration functions", made possible only by combining its trading-company functions and the technological capabilities that allow it to create its in-house products.

Integration functions

E-Globaledge is proud of its excellent sales and marketing functions inherited from the age of general trading companies, its manufacturing functions based on the technological and developmental functions as developed through experience and achievements, and its partnering functions to expand its businesses further. It is by combining all of these that we create and expand our businesses. We call this our "integration function."

Flexible design and customization to meet customer needs

More and more electronics products are requiring customization. E-Globaledge customizes products with its high-level technological capabilities and provides them in a manner aimed at meeting customer demands. For in-circuit testers for semiconductors, for example, we also provide fixtures and programs suited to the products to be tested. Everything is delivered in a ready-to-use form.

Solution proposals as a trading company

E-Globaledge offers extensive financial and logistics services. This includes introducing products from Japanese manufacturers without overseas sales networks to overseas vendors who have sales channels matching the products. We provide VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services to support sales of customer products, and incorporate our logistics and financial services while minimizing initial investment, inventory risks, and payback risks.

Extensive support backed by technological expertise

E-Globaledge provides technical support for products produced both inside and outside Japan through our superior technological expertise and strong partnerships with manufacturers. By being there every step of the way, from the first meeting to final maintenance and support, we minimize the impact on our customers' business if any problems should arise.