E-Globaledge has been closely involved in the image technology field for many years as an authorized agent of AltaSens, Inc. which develops the world's most advanced CMOS imaging sensors after Rockwell Group in the US. Leveraging our extensive experience, we propose high-definition imaging environments to our customers in various forms including the planning of camera blocks containing a CMOS sensor of AltaSens, not to mention the sensors alone.

Product lines

CMOS image sensors

The AltaSens AL41410C is a Super-35 size image sensor that delivers industrystandard 4K cinema frames in either 12-bit or 10-bit resolution at up to 72 frames per second (fps)using nomore than 1.7 W. A 5.2 μm pixel pitch gives the AL41410C its high sensitivity, as well as low noise and extensive compatibility with the sharpest available optics usually reserved for leading DSLR cameras.

Camera blocks

With an 18x optical auto-focus lens, this camera block is available in various applications such as monitoring and video conferences.

Camera block with a 20x optical auto focus lens. This camera block can clearly catch an object at a further distance, and is suitable not only for monitoring and video conferences but also for broadcasting.