In-house Capabilities of Technical Development

Since its establishment, E-Globaledge has been offering various engineering services such as technical support, technical evaluations, and product/technical development, along with providing leading-edge products. “Technological competence is essential even for a trade firm,” is our core belief.

Some examples of our technical achievements are:

  1. We have developed software products for broadcasting cameras, providing technical support for such software as well; and,
  2. We participated in an international association for setting protocols for wireless infrared communications; today, our infrared communications’ products are used throughout the country.

In terms of quality management, E-Globaledge acquired ISO9001 accreditation, and offers its products under stringent quality control.

Major areas of technological development


After being involved in marketing hi-speed CMOS image sensors for years, E-Globaledge internally developed its original embedded software to maximize the capacities of the sensors, and started to provide image signal processors not only domestically but also internationally.
Now, we offer a whole network system, consisting of full HD block cameras with a built-in image signal processor and other peripheral equipment.

Short distance wireless communication

In the field of infrared communication, widely used in digital cameras, printers, and for sending pictures, address data, etc. between mobile phones, E-Globaledge assumes the office of chairman of the "Infrared Data Association (IrDA)," an international organization, and provides leadership in the development and standardization of infrared specifications/standards and protocols.

We are also promoting efforts for high-speed short-distance wireless communication technologies of the next generation, which have gradually been adopted in TransferJet, Giga-IR, and so on.