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Optipro Systems, located in the greater Rochester (NY) area, has 35 years of experience developing and manufacturing precision optical fabrication machines and metrology systems.
The various products line up of Optipro(grinding & polishing machine and Non-contact 3D measurement system for Spherical, Aspherical and Freeform optical material) contributes for saving processing time and efficiency.

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CNC Optical Grinding Machines

  • Various processing by 5 Axis control
  • Easy to use CNC programimg
  • Easy and quick setup is also available for processing samples
  • Processing for Spheric,Aspheric and Freeform is available

High Speed Spherical Polishing Machines

  • High speed polishing for Spheric
  • Various and detailed setting is available for polishing optical materials
  • Processing for Hemispherical Lens
  • CNC programing is available on the menu display by GUI control

Ultrasonic Machining Centers

  • Milling Optical glass and Ceramics by Ultrasonic, Grinding, Core Drilling and Light-weighting
  • Various processing by 5 Axis control
  • High speed removing particle and improved surface quality due to tool wear reduction
  • Processing cost reduction of soft and rigid optical materials

Polishing Machines for Aspheric & Freeform

  • Polishing for Sub-aperture Aspherical Lens and Freeform optical materials
  • Polishing the Aspherical optical materials after grinding
  • Polishing the wider glass and crystal materials

Non-contact 3D measurement system

  • Non-contact 3D measurement by 4 or 5 Axis control
  • Various measurements has been realized due to Optipro proprietary development that is familiar with processing optical products