Overseas seminar reports

E-Globaledge participates in overseas exhibitions to promote the sales of its products. We also hold our own seminars and presentations.
The following are the seminars we recently held in Russia and Vietnam.

Photos of seminars

Seminar at Ostankino in Moscow

Ostankino television broadcasting center in Moscow

We held a seminar for IKEGAMI's cameras at Ostankino television broadcasting center, which is the core of broadcast technologies in Russia. At the seminar, participants had the chance to touch actual cameras, and engineers from local broadcast stations were invited and looked on as we demonstrated how to use the cameras in addition to the presentation.

IKEGAMI GF Series seminar & presentation

July 2009
IPK, Moscow

This seminar was held to introduce the new product of IKEGAMI, the GFCAM, in Moscow, and engineers from various broadcast stations and agencies were invited.
Please see the details of the report to learn more.

Presentation for television transmitters at VTV Hanoi in Vietnam

April 2010
Hanoi in Vietnam

We held a presentation for NEC's television transmitters in Hanoi, inviting engineers of VTV Hanoi.

Exhibition for analytical instruments in Moscow, Russia

April 26 - 29, 2010
Moscow in Russia

An exhibition for analytical instruments in Moscow.