Semiconductor manufacturing systems and relational materials

E-Globaledge has a variety of manufacturing systems (including materials) which have sold well and which demonstrate reliability in manufacturing processes for semiconductor components and components used in state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, we have global sales networks based on our achievements to date, which enable us to provide our customers in a broader range with product groups we are proud of in various forms, from development projects to customized products and provision of solutions for production lines.

Semiconductor manufacturing system

Fully automatic solder die bonder

Fully automatic flexible epoxy die bonder

Fully automatic die bonder for high-density discrete PKGs

machine cycle: 0.15 sec

Observes changes in states of samples caused by temperature changes.

Semiconductor Materials

NASclean® is a thin-layer metal membrane filter made from sintered micron scale stainless steel short fibers (SUS316L).

Pressure Transmitter for semiconductor equipment measuring semiconductor process gases, chemical liquid and CMP slurry.
High accuracy pressure transmitter with high corrosion resistance and excellent stability. Custom order available.