Wire bonding process [Four Technos]

Wire bonding process

[Four Technos]
Flexible bonding capability

Automatic Wire Bonder


Four Technos Inc. is a leading provider of bonders exclusively for optical modules in Japan. Its fully automatic machines integrating its technologies are highly regarded by users both inside and outside Japan.

SWB FT-2500 Gold Wire Bonding system

  • Wire bonder developed based on optical devices.
  • Wire bonder for mass production handling many types in which work can be changed easily by customers.
  • Wiring is possible when the height of the 1st and 2nd planes is up to 3 mm.
  • The angle between the 1st and 2nd planes can be set between 0 and 90°.
  • The work transfer tools can be replaced by a single operation, with no adjustment necessary.
  • Focus can be set to each point on the 1st and 2nd planes