Die bonding process [Four Technos]

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Die bonding process

[Four Technos]
For TO-CAN and Butterfly package

Automatic Die Bonder

Spec Table

Product specifications
Bonding system Thermo compression bonding (eutectic die bonding) and conductive paste can be exchanged.
Die bonding precision ±10μ - ±30μ (depending on work/chip shape and precision)
Machine cycle time 6 sec (when two dies are bonded, excluding die bonding time)
Heating system Stem Constant heating by a cartridge heater
Flat package Temperature control by a ceramic heater
Bonding mode Various modes such as scrub can be selected.
Heating temperature Room temperature - 500 °C
Positioning system
(can be selected)
Mechanical positioning
Adjustment of recognition position
Bonding load 0.049 N (5 gf) - 1.96 N (200 gf); Screws need to be replaced.
Work supply form Supplied and stored with a dedicated tray (the same tray)
Number of work trays supplied Selectable are units for small-lot production only for flat surfaces and those for mass production which can set several trays.
Chip supply form 2 inch, 4 inch, and extension sheets (can also be supplied simultaneously)
Chip recognition method Centroid detection and pattern matching can be selected.
Number of chip trays supplied For 2 inch, customers can change the supply form of chips (9 chips each for small chips and large chips).
Work size □0.5mm~□20mm(Unit replacement is necessary.)
Chip size □250μm~□2mm(Collet replacement is necessary.)
Bonding tool (designed according to specifications) Flat vacuum collet
Pyramid vacuum collet
Clog-shaped vacuum collet
Mechanical chuck collet
Other special collets
Options Supply of ribbon-shaped brazing metal
Absorption of variation in work height by load cell
Die bonding rotating 90° from chip pickup
Specifications Power supply 220 VAC, 200 VAC, 110 VAC, 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz can be selected.
Power consumption Approx. 20 A (at 100 VAC)
Compressed air 500 kPa (5 kgf/cm2) 10 l/min
Nitrogen 300 kPa (3 kgf/cm2) 30 l/min
Vacuum Supplied with the included vacuum pump
Dimensions Approx. 1600mm(W) x 1100mm(D) x 1900mm(H)
Weight Approx. 1000kg