Die bonding process [Four Technos]

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Die bonding process

[Four Technos]
For TO-CAN and Butterfly package

Automatic Die Bonder


Four Technos Inc. is a leading providing provider of bonders exclusively for optical modules in Japan.
Its fully automatic machines integrating its technologies are highly regarded by users both inside and outside Japan.

FT-4000 Die Attach system

  • Die bonder developed based on optical devices.
  • Die bonder for mass production handling many types in which work can be changed easily by customers.
  • Die bonding system can be selected from thermo compression bonding or conductive paste.
  • Are equipped with two types of transfer systems (for small and large chips), and simultaneous die bonding of different types of chips is possible.
  • The bonding and work transfer tools can be replaced by a single operation, with no adjustment necessary.

FT-5000 Die Attach system

The model FT-5000 is used for high-precision bonding. Positioning is made through image processing. It features high precision but shorter cycle time and several chip handlings. This gives it the advantage of being able to process several chips simultaneously.