Cap welding process [Origin Electric Co., Ltd.]

Cap welding process

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Fully wide range system from manual system for R&D to full automatic system

Automatic Cap Welder


To meet our customers' demands, we offer a wide range of products from manual machines to full automatic machines.
This equipment hermetically seals the header and the cap in an N2 environment. We have various types of baking ovens that take account of cycle time to suit the customer's needs.

LA-3000 automatic cap welter with light axis adjustment

This equipment adjusts light axes when welding a cap with a lens to the header in the assembly process of LD modules.
We have provided cap welders for years, but this Model LA-3000 is a full automatic machine to meet customer demands for machines that can adjust light axes as optical modules become more sophisticated.

L-1000 manual type cap welder

This L-1000 is a manual cap welder with excellent cost performance. Origin's resistance welders are capacitor types, which accumulate energy necessary for welding in the capacitor, and release it at a burst through the welding transformer. One of its advantages is that the power consumption is smaller than that of AC type welding.