Magnets for MRI

In China, the economy continues to grow along with particularly remarkable growth in in the medical field. The domestic production of high-level medical instruments, which were difficult to produce in the past, is now being promoted.

Attracting special attention among these now are MRI machines.
An MRI has two systems; a system using permanent magnets and another using superconductive magnets.

The superconductive magnet system requires high-level technological capabilities and know-how. In particular, it is difficult to produce superconductive magnets, which are the core of an MRI.

E-Globaledge provides superconductive magnets produced by Mitsubishi Electric—a company with a long track record--for MRIs. We not only deliver products but also have extensive experience and expertise in handling integration and after-sale support, too. We help our customers' businesses get one step closer to success.

These enable our customers in China to domestically mass-produce reliable MRI rapidly.

Rapid provision of excellent Japanese superconductive magnets

While there are not many manufacturers in the world who can manufacture superconductive magnets, we are fortunate to be able to provide those produced by Mitsubishi Electric.

World's top-level superconductive magnets

Mitsubishi Electric's superconductive magnets have achieved the world's top-level magnetic homogeneity in the 1.5T class utilizing its magnetic field adjustment technologies. Mitsubishi also eliminated the consumption of liquid helium for cooling for the first time in the world.

Extensive experience

Mitsubishi Electric has built up more than a quarter of a century of experience working with super conductive technology, beginning in 1984. A large number of superconductive magnets which were created through its research and development have already been delivered.