Broadcast infrared communication


IrShower® is a multi-purpose information delivery tool which disperses information like a shower.
The content delivered from the IrShower® delivery terminal, such as sounds and images, can be received by IrSimple-supported mobile phones. Information can be sent continuously at a high speed via high-speed infrared communication and received at several terminals simultaneously at a distance of a few meters.


  • Information is sent at a long distance and in a broad range which has not been achieved by conventional infrared communication.
  • Information can be sent to your mobile phone. *1
  • Information can be received by several devices simultaneously thanks to 1:n communication.
  • Data is sent directly without using radio waves (and can be received underground and in places not reached by radio waves.)
  • High-speed communication is conducted at a speed of 4 Mbps, which is optimal for high-capacity data.
  • *1 Only mobile phones that support IrSimple (partially high-speed infrared communication) can receive data.
    Content may not be played properly on some devices.

Examples of how it is used

Example of a solution for shops:1.Discount information only available at the shop! 2.Packet fees are not required because the Internet is not used. 3.Downloaded content can be immediately taken home. Free.Several users can download the same content simultaneously.

Example of a solution for art museums:Listen to the guide at home at your own pace.You can view artwork you want to see again even after you leave the museum.

Other places IrShower can be used
:In shops/stores, In large-scale facilities and shopping malls, Theaters, (Art) museums, Amusement facilities, Public facilities. Examples of content to be sent:Ads for mobiles, Coupons, discount tickets, Discount information, Maps, shop floor guides, Voice guidance for (art) museum exhibits, etc., News

One user-created use for the IrShower: Delivery of a standby screen image showing a product character at an exhibition booth (PS Japan Co. Ltd.)

A standby screen image of the original character of PS Japan for mobile phones was delivered for free via IrShower at an exhibition booth.

Brand and character recognition improved.Visitors were attracted to the exhibition booth.