IP core for the controller that supports everything from high-speed infrared IrSimple communication to VFIR

EGFIR®-IP is the IP core for the IrDA controller IC EGFIR. Functions equivalent to those of EGFIR which have already been widely adopted in high-speed IrSimle communication are achieved in your ASSPs and ASICs.

Supported infrared physical layer standards
IrSIR (9.6 k- 115.2 k), SIR (3/16 1.68µRNZ) modulation
IrMIR (576 k / 1.152 M), MIR (1/4 RNZ) modulation
IrFIR (4.0M), FIR (4PPM) modulation
IrVFIR (16 M), VFIR (HHH) modulation
(with a consumer remote control function)
Built-in functions IrDA timer (3 CH), CRC Generator / Detector, Dual Data Buffer
System bus I/O Address: 8 bit, Data 8bit / 32bit, / CS, / WE, / OE, / IRQ, / RESET, CLOCK, SD
IrDA transceiver I/O IRTXD0 /1, IRRXD0, IROUT0 /1
Buffer RAM I/O Address: 12 bit, Data I32 / O32bit, CK, CS, OE, Web[4], Clocked RAM
Operation clock 48.0MHz Single Clock, All logics using Clock Synchronized logics