DeepCore 3.0 Plus

Infrared communication protocol stack supporting from the IrCOMM communication to the IrOBEX communication and high-speed infrared IrSimple communication

DeepCore series fully supports IrDA basic protocols. At the same time, their protocols are blocked including IrDA application protocols. The developer can develop a compact driver by selecting and using only the blocks which are necessary for each application from IrDA application protocols besides the IrDA basic protocols.

  • Compliant with the IrDA standards (IrComm, IrFM, IrMC, IrSimple, etc.).
  • Enables memory optimization, ultra-high speed, and versatility.
  • Supports SIR/MIR/FIR/VFIR standards.
  • ROM :128 KB; RAM: At least 128 KB (when containing IrSimple high-speed communication)
  • OS and CPU independent.
  • Secures interconnectivity among unspecified devices.
  • Module structure taking into account embeddability.
  • Adopts OBEX which can support multiple applications.