µDeepCore / µDeepCore OBEX

Infrared communication protocol stack that minimizes the use of RAM/ROM

An infrared communication protocol stack which minimizes the use of RAM/ROM by limiting the functions of DeepCore 3.0 Plus.
It consists of two systems: μDeepCore, which supports IrCOMM communication, and μDeepCoreOBEX, which supports IrOBEX communication.

  • Compliant with IrDA standards (IrComm, IrOBEX).
  • Enables memory optimization, ultra-high speed, and versatility.
  • Supports SIR/MIR/FIR/VFIR standards.
  • OS and CPU independent.
  • Secures interconnectivity among unspecified devices.
  • Module structure that takes into account embeddability.
  • Adopts OBEX which can support multiple applications.