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Our products

Adapter for IrDA

IrCOMM USB adapter

Infrared communication adapter to make available to communicate at IrCOMM mode on a PC via USB I/F.

Infrared USB Adapter supporting Android OS

Infrared communication adapter to makes available to use Irfrared communication on Android Tablet or oversea's mobile handset.

System modules for IrDA

Infrared communication module to enable IrSimple communication on PCs.

LSI for IrDA

Controller IC which achieves high-speed infrared communication

IP core for EGFIR

Protocol stacks

Middleware containing major infrared communication protocols from IrCOMM to IrOBEX and IrSimple communication.

Middleware to simplify "DeepCore 3.0 Plus"

Infrared communication middleware developed for the open-source "Android OS," which also supports IrSimple communication

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