Camera block PHD-01X

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Full HD camera block

Feature1Contains a next-generation model 1/3" 2.1M pixel CMOS sensor.

The built-in AltaSens A3372E3-4T enables progressive high-speed shooting such as 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p at Full HD image quality.

Feature2Contains an 18x optical auto focus lens.

The built-in 18x optical zoom lens enables clear imaging of an object at a long distance. A function to automatically adjust the focus according to changes of the zoom factor is also provided.

Feature3Contains the Day & Night function.

The PHD-01X can also automatically switch to Night mode when the illuminance of the object becomes lower, which is suitable for applications such as outdoor monitoring cameras.

Feature4Contains a newly developed WDR correction technology

Also included is a newly developed wide dynamic range correction technology which solves problems such as white blurred images of bright portions or complete black images of dark portions when taking photos of the outdoors, and provides shooting environments in which you don't need to care about the lighting conditions.

Feature5Supports a wide range of interfaces.

Various types of interfaces such as 1.5G/3G output, DVI, and analog component are supported. This product can therefore be applied to the connection environment you use now.