Earthquake and Structural Health Monitoring solutions

Earthquake mainshock and aftershocks and other vibrations cause different levels of damage of building structures, which may result in deterioration or even collapse. Monitoring behavior of building structures therefore is important, which supports building owners, managers and engineers when they need to judge necessity of evacuation and retrofitting/renovation. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the advanced system to support earthquake disaster mitigation and evaluate building conditions, by providing continuous real-time monitoring of building behavior.

Our "ITK" SHM system based on seismic acceleration sensor works as a decision support system for building owners, governments, building management companies, construction and designing companies, and insurance companies. ITK system has been also used for measurement of earthquake intensity. Specifically it works as both:

  • an SHM sensor, and
  • an earthquake intensity meter.
Earthquake and Structural Health Monitoring solutions

“ITK” system for SHM

Our “ITK” system comprises:

  • Seismic acceleration sensors - high performance, high shock resistance, yet compact
  • Proprietary software - collect data, analyze data, output analysis results
  • PC - Linux based
 “ITK” system
0.1 cm/s2
24 bits
Sampling :
100 times/s
±2450 cm/s2

Through 24 hours sensing, ITK system supports decision on whether evacuation is necessary and on whether retrofitting/renovation is necessary, by:

  • detecting deterioration of building conditions, within minutes after an earthquake, and
  • quickly locating facilities with structural weakness and determine extend of repairs required.
Earthquake and Structural Health Monitoring solutions

Key features of ITK system

Unlike other sensor systems which estimate damages comparing with building/structure design, ITK system uses real strong motion records and directly measures damages. ITK will make you sure that no new damages are detected.

ITK system is relatively compact, requiring 2 to 5 sensors (at most approximately 10 sensors) only installed in a single building, depending on its shape and the number of stories/floors.

ITK system is based on concepts of IT Kyoshin Consortium of Earthquake Research Institute of The University of Tokyo. Established in 2008 in Earthquake Research Institute of the university, the consortium has been active in research and development of ITK systems and in actual monitoring and measurement using ITK systems. We, E-Globaledge, are a member of IT Kyoshin Research Group of the university.

Earthquake and Structural Health Monitoring solutions

Users in global regions

Disaster mitigation, including building structural health monitoring, is an inter-disciplinary field that requires collaboration of private corporations and public, academic institutions. E-Globaledge, its domestic (Japanese) partners such as a world-leading sensor manufacturer and aLab Inc., and its international partners offer complete ITK systems.

Users are in India, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, Turkey, USA, Japan and other earthquake-prone countries and large cities with many highrise buildings. ITK systems are installed in government buildings, commercial and office buildings, residential buildings, universities and schools, hospitals, and factories.

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