Mounting board manufacturing and testing systems

Solder printing ,Component mounting ,Reflow furnace ,Mounting test

Electrical Inspection Systems

Teradyne In-circuit testers (ICT)

Sales and Service available for Teradyne High performance Digital ICT.

Mounting test

Multi functional testers (FCT)

Sales, Programming /Fixtures and Service available for general purpose multi functional tester.

Mounting test

Vision Inspection Systems

Viscom Solder printing testing systems (SPI)

Sales and Service available for SPI.

Solder printing

Viscom Automated Optical Inspection Systems (AOI)

Sales and Service available for AOI.

Mounting test

Viscom Manual X-ray Inspection Systems (MXI)

Sales and Service available for MXI.

Mounting test

Viscom Automated Optical + X-ray testing systems (AOXI)

Sales and Service for Combo type of AOXI system.

Mounting test

Products Manufacturing systems

Metal mask laser processing systems

Tannlin TX PROi is the most advanced Stencil laser cutting machine and a full suites of tooling solutions for PCB.

Solder printing

Mounting data generation software

Available to generate and support for SMT.

Component mounting

Transfer carriers

Available to fit various sizes of PCB in Flow and Reflow process.

Reflow furnace

TacSil - Carrier Tape for FPC Assembly

We sell special high temperature silicon adhesive tape.

Reflow furnace

In-System programming tool(ISP)

ISP tool is efficient in the recent limited time to market.

Mounting test

More than Qualified Service

Most of our handling products are the most advanced products in the world. We offer such products to customers, and also provide promissive service in the long term relationship.