Analytical instruments

Based in our offices in Moscow, Ural, and Ukraine, our expert, knowledgeable staff carefully provide proposals, technical support, installation, and services after the sale for equipment which satisfies the needs of our customers in Russia and the CIS region.

Major export products


The development of science technologies is becoming more and more sophisticated in solutions for problems involving the global environment, resources, and energy, and in new fields such as biotechnology and nanotechnology. The importance of analytical instruments necessary for research and quality control in the world is now greater than ever.

E-Globaledge supports the solution of research issues for material analysis in the university and in academic research fields, and for propositions testing and analyses conducted by quality control divisions in industrial fields.

Overseas businesses of E-Globaledge

E-Globaledge supports sales and services after the sale for analytical instruments/broadcast equipment in Russia, CIS countries, and Asian countries.

There is always concern for local circumstances, installation, and services after the sale to deploy business in these regions. E-Globaledge supports your business deployment through our local offices, market knowledge, service networks, and system integration.

E-Globaledge is willing to support supplier companies who wish to deploy overseas businesses.

We support export of analytical instruments and broadcast-related equipment to Russia, CIS countries, and Vietnam. We help you compensate for a lack of information about the market at local sites. Our local engineers assist with business negotiations for specialized products.

Requested equipment:
Analytical instruments, broadcast equipment
Exported countries:
Russia, CIS countries, Vietnam

Overseas seminar information

E-Globaledge participates in overseas seminars and exhibitions for sales of products. We also hold our own seminars and presentations.