Environmental Policy

1. Promotion of environmental business

We take in consideration that various kinds of environmental loads must not be generated by daily corporate activity, and we therefore promote the sale of the products and services which are useful to an overall improvement of the global environment.

2. Promotion of Waste Reduction and Recycling

In line with our corporate mission, We do our best to be mindful of the value of the earth's resources, reduce any waste generated, and recycle as much as possible.

3. Promotion of a Green Environment

We implement the supply of our goods and services giving special consideration to environmental problems.

4. Observance of environmental related

many regulations etc. We abide by the regulations related to Environmental matters. Moreover, we abide by the agreement of the environmental relation of the Nissho Iwai Environment 21 Group.

5. Fullness of environmental

management organization In order to measure our earth-environment preservation activities, environmental management organization in the company has been arranged, and it endeavors to pursue continuous and never-ending improvement.

6. Implementation of education

activities In order to promote corporate activities that consider the environment with a deep recognition to global environmental problems, education and education activities are performed periodically.

April 1, 2018
Shigekazu Tada,
President & CEO